Road crashes reduce by 13 per cent in January


By Samwel Doe Ouma @samweldoe

Road crash fatalities decreased by 13 per cent in January compared to the same period last year, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) road crashes data reveals.

Total rod crash fatalities recorded last month stood at 184 compared to 212 in January 2018.

Road crashes claimed 184 lives in January 2019 compared to 212 recorded during a similar period last year.

Pedestrians remained vulnerable form of road users recording 72 deaths from 81 registered in 2018 while motorcyclists recorded 44 deaths, a decrease from 46 last year.

About 37 passengers, 18 drivers, 12 pillion passengers, and 1 pedal cyclist died in January 2019 according to NTSA data.

NTSA cites unsafe road behaviour such as crossing roads at undesignated areas as a contributor to the high fatalities from pedestrians.

Previous studies have linked inadequate law enforcement to high road crash fatalities. Other causes of crashes include unsafe driving practices, driver and pedestrian distraction, use of mobile phones, drivers fatigue, pedestrian-vehicle conflicts at pedestrian crossings, and inability of children to estimate vehicle speed.

The statistics come in the backdrop of a major crackdown on Matatus flouting ‘Michuki’ rules.

The Michuki rules stipulate that public transport operators (PSVs) must fit their vehicles with seat belts and speed governors limiting the speed to 80 kilometres per hour.


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