Tech company in a new bid to automate PSV operations


By Samwel Doe Ouma

Data Integrated- a financial technology (Fintech) company- has embarked on a process to automate operations in public service vehicles (PSVs) in Kenya, the company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mary Mwangi told Safari Njema.

The company, through MOBITILL EPESI, a digital public transport management system, is automating core PSV operations that include vehicle scheduling and fare collection. Further the company is offering vehicle tracking services Mwangi said. “MOBITILL EPESI’ platform is designed to secure management solutions in public transport by easing matatu sacco’s operations she added.

“Our system helps bus companies schedule their departure time. But roads in Nairobi are not adequately designed for the megacity that it has become flooded with Matatu congestion,” Mwangi says. Public service vehicles are the main mass transit network in the Kenyan capital.

According to estimates, over 70 per cent of the population use PSVs for transport. Data Integrated says its transport solutions will not only help PSV operators, but also aid Nairobi City County government t o o v e r c o m e t h e challenges posed by PSV operators oftenly accused of congesting the city.

“The Mobitill Epesi system can also track buses and is able to schedule the whole matatu Sacco’s routes if all PSVs registers to be members and is able to do real-time retooling and rescheduling of transport plans thus promoting a reliable and efficient bus service,” she explains.

The system can also notify the owner and the driver of the buses when the bus is over speeding, overloaded and even when the bus diverts from a scheduled route. She says that the technology platform also incorporates a system which ensures safety and security for commuters.

“Mobitill Epesi offers even CCTV surveillance inside the buses. The cameras record incidences in the bus by providing foolproof audit trail with the footages accessible real time and safeguarded with a tamper proof steel casing, with the camera data storing images for sixty hours,” the CEO told Safari Njema.

Mwangi says the technology platform offers accountability in operations since it also provides an on-board passenger counting system. Matatu owners can get details of how many passengers board the vehicles daily. The MOBITILL system point of sale is trademarked and offers interoperable transactions across any bank and accepts cash, card, Tech company in a new bid to automate PSV operations and mobile money. This system reduces extortions in the PSVs sectors, Mwangi added.

Mobitill is also planning to partner with the global payment platforms VISA and MasterCard to pilot cashless payment methods in Kenya. About 30 public bus companies have embraced Mobitill Epesi. The company registered in 2012, started operations in 2014 by an accounting system audit specialist with the aims of offering smart transport solutions to PSvs.


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