Total road crash fatalities increase 6% as pedestrians remain vulnerable on roads


By Samwel Doe Ouma @samweldoe

The number of fatalities from road crashes in Kenya has increased 6.4 percent from 1977 to 1858 people as of close of August this year, NTSA data shows.

Pedestrians still remain the most vulnerable class of road users, leaping 7.5 per cent over the period from January 2018 up to 27th August 2018. According to NTSA, 752 died during the period under review compared to 699 pedestrians who perished in a similar period last year.

Passengers recorded 458 deaths while 361 motor cyclists lost their lives on the roads In Kenya, urban centres record high numbers of pedestrian deaths. Previous road safety reports have linked the trend to inadequate pedestrian crossing areas as well as insufficient pedestrian walkways.

In light of these numbers, the government has embarked on a project to construct footbridges on busy highways that include Thika Super Highway and Outer Ring road in Nairobi.

However, other challenges such as conversion of existing footbridges bridges into market places hinder pedestrians from using the facilities especially at night.


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