Motorists to pay more for fuel starting today


Motorists will have to dig deeper into their pockets as the cost of Super Petrol and Diesel is set to go up by 34 and 78 cents starting today.

The Energy Regulatory Commission attributed the marginal increase in this month’s prices to the average landed cost of imported refined petroleum products.

“Super petrol increased by 1.18 per cent to $680.83 per tonne in April, Diesel increased 2.91 per cent to $632.72 and Kerosene increased 3.06 per cent to $683.67 per tonne,” ERC director general Pavel Oimeke said in the monthly release.

In Nairobi, Super petrol will retail at Sh107.17 per litre, diesel at Sh98.64 while a litre of Kerosene will go for Sh78.22 for the next month.


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