Construction of the proposed Likoni bridge to cost Sh82 billion


Construction of the proposed Likoni channel bridge is estimated to cost about Sh 82 billion, experts have said.

The government has embarked on undertaking a Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the proposed bridge otherwise known as Mombasa Gate Bridge Project.

The 1.4 Km-long bridge will connect the Mombasa Island and the mainland Likoni and will open up the South Coast region.

Mombasa Gate Bridge Project Team leader and project’s manager Eng. Michael Mwangi Wairagu said the bridge will reduce the vehicular and human traffic that has been synonymous with the Likoni crossing channel.

“On average, some 300,000 people and 6,000 vehicles cross the channel daily,” Eng. Wairagu said.

Speaking while addressing stakeholders in Mombasa, Wairagu said the project is jointly funded by the Kenyan and Japanese governments, through JICA.

According to preliminary results of the ongoing feasibility study, the proposed bridge will start at the King’orani prison (Jela Baridi) along Lumumba Road, then pass over the Railway station, over Moi Avenue, over Archbishop Macarios Road, Liwatoni up to the Likoni channel.

On the Likoni mainland side, the bridge will pass over Jamvi la Wageni area, from which it will start to dip after 500 metres, to across the Mtongwe road and to Ziwani area where it will join the Mombasa Southern Bypass.

“Construction of the bridge at the Likoni channel is complicated because big ships pass through the channel. This means the bridge must be hightened. This means the bridge must start from very far,” said Wairagu added.

The highest point of the bridge, above the sea, will be 69 meters tall (almost the size of a 21-storey building).

The bridge will be used by all vehicles except tuktuks and bicycles. This is because the bridge will be so high that there will be a lot of wind, which might cause accidents. Once constructed, it will be the longest bridge in Africa.

Wairagu further said the construction of the bridge will not affect the ferry services at Likoni and Mtongwe crossing channels.

Although too early to get the exact estimate of the cost, Mwangi said roughly at least Sh82 billion will be needed for the project.



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