Welcome to Safari Njema advertising and classifieds portal. We appreciate your interest to run your commercials via our websites advertising system. With our custom Ad targeting solution, our clients enjoy huge traffic. Our content is curated for a niche audience with sacrosanct return pattern and a desire for our unique services. Safari Njema is constantly growing its audience and improving underlying systems to serve you better.

Our Offers

We have a wide range of advertising models across our platform.


Leader-board & Square banners of dimension (px – pixels); 700*90 or 300 * 360. Your ads will display either site wide or on select pages. All formats are allowed but we recommend .gif, .mov, .jpg

Sponsored Articles:

Press releases, PR items and publications fall under this wide category. This articles are normally “Featured” and stay on top of the site section for a given period of time. We couple posting the articles on the website with social media posts. We recommend short (450 words), well edited articles with calls to action and or links to your websites.

Social Media Mentions:

Using our scheduling and targeting software, we intend to post your ads during high traffic and high engagement. Our Social media officers will customize the posts further for high engagement or impact.

Live Event coverage:

We work with your live stream or live activity and share it up using our social media influencers. When it comes to hype, we lead the affiliate marketing category.

Strategic partnerships:

Working with like minded friends to archive more results is ideal when it comes to online marketing. For much more value, just consider this category as it entails every bit above.

For more information regarding the above offers, you are welcome to get in touch with our marketing division.