COVID-19: Police mount extra road blocks on Nairobi-Nakuru highway


Security officers mounted an extra road block along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway near Raini center in Naivasha to help nab those fleeing Nairobi.

According to Naivasha sub-county commissioner Mathioya Mbogo, the road-block was meant to block those who had managed to flee from lockdown in Nairobi.

He noted that some people were using back routes to Naivasha before picking matatus that ferried them to other parts of the country.

“We have been forced to introduce stiffer security measures to make sure that the lockdown is respected as part of enforcing the Covid-19 regulations,” he said.

Mbogo put on notice those using ‘panya’ routes to leave Nairobi that it was a matter of time before police caught up with them.

“We are warning Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) involved in this illegal that we shall repossess and cancel their operating licenses,” he said.

He expressed his concern over the use of trucks and Probox in ferrying passengers to and from Nairobi adding that they were keenly monitoring their movement.

Meanwhile, the department of public health has expressed its concern over the high number of young women fleeing from Nairobi to Naivasha despite the current lockdown.

As a result, the department has been forced to seek the fleeing suspects and subject them to screening and testing of Covid-19 following tip-off from members of the public.

In the last one week, three people including a female college student have been arrested and placed in quarantine after members of the public exposed them.

The student had travelled from Mombasa while a flower farm worker farm had sneaked to the lakeside town from Nairobi in search of a job.

According to a senior public health in Naivasha and who declined to be named, they were getting calls every day over people fleeing from Nairobi.

The officer noted that majority of them were women returning to their rural areas following the crisis caused by Covid-19.

“We have been forced to attend to so many cases of people fleeing Nairobi and in the last two days we have placed three patients in isolation at Naivasha Girls secondary school,” he said.

He said that the high number of those fleeing had raised fear in the rural areas forcing residents to report them to police and health officers.

“Members of the public are not taking chances and they are reporting those fleeing from Nairobi despite the lockdown and we have to follow up the cases,” said the officer.


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