Likoni drowning incident: It’s mission impossible, says Swedish diver after spending hours in water


Hopes for retrieving the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu who drowned in the Likoni Channel after their vehicle slipped off a ferry have been dashed after a Swedish expert diver Volker Bassen said the operation is almost a “mission impossible” due to difficult underwater terrain and heavy current.

The expert who joined the recovery operation as the search entered day six today, said he could not trace the vehicle and bodies due to the currents and a thick sediment that is moving at about 5 knots.

He said he had underestimated the operation and it is not possible to get the bodies and the car within two ours as he had claimed earlier.

Bassen said he will not participate in the exercise further as he is travelling outside the country.

Speaking alongside government spokesman Cyrus Oguna, Bassen praised Kenya Navy and other private divers for their bravery saying the exercise is delicate and difficult.

On his part, Oguna said the government has not given up on the operation and Kenya Navy will continue with the exercise


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