Fatalities, serious injuries from road crashes increase in 2018 – NTSA data


By Stephen Macharia

Road crash fatalities in Kenya have increased by 8.6 per cent in 2018, calling for better road transport management.

Statistics from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) indicate 2,300 people have died because of road crashes between January and October 3rd, 2018 compared to 2,117 who had died in a similar period last year.

Trends in fatalities remain largely unchanged with pedestrians accounting for the highest number of deaths at 889, an increase of about 13 per cent from last year. This is despite efforts to install pedestrian crossing areas on major highways.

Passengers rank second with 523 deaths while motorcyclists have so far recorded 424 fatalities. Only passenger class of road users registered a decrease, albeit marginal, in fatalities.

Passenger deaths dipped 0.9 per cent as motorcyclists fatalities went up by about 18 per cent, the highest percentage increase in eight classes of road users. About 235 drivers died during the period while 187 pillion passengers lost their lives.

Road crashes also seriously injured 606 pedestrians during the period compared to 519 the previous year. About 350 drivers were injured while 475 motorcyclists sustained serious injuries during the period under review.


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