When cheap became expensive


By Felix Desouza

We were making the final arrangements for a bridal negotiation visitation, and I was given the responsibility to make purchases for the ceremony. It was such a huge budget. Knowing I could get all the items in one supermarket, I decided not to seek assistance. There I was, filling up the huge trolley with all sorts of niceties.

I actually felt as if I was the heaviest shopper that day. After scanning all the items at the counter, I realized I had exceeded the budget by a few thousands. This meant I was short of “uber” money. But I had enough to get me home through public means, so still no need to involve anyone. One problem though- how to get the items to the bus station. It was quite some distance from the supermarket.

I looked around and saw a trolley guy making his rounds in town looking for business. I quickly called him and he promptly responded. We negotiated the cost of transportation and loaded the items onto his trolley. Off we were headed to the bus station. He was pulling the trolley on the tarmac, but I wasn’t really confident sharing the road with all the fast moving vehicles, so I was walking by his side on the pavement.

We later approached a roundabout. Knowing my lack of confidence on the road, he changed lanes and moved to the inner lanes. He then started moving faster. I could hardly catch up with him. I soon realized he was on a mission to steal from me. He then went round the roundabout and sped off in a different direction.

All I could do was just shout calling for help as I helplessly watched him run away with all that I bought. Cheap is really expensive I thought to myself. I had to find a way to compensate for the loss.

Such luggage carriers take advantage of vulnerable victims in town. Some are genuine but many are out to steal. You need to be very vigilant when seeking for assistance especially in the CBD.

This story is based on true events. All characters and events, even those based on real people are entirely fictional. No character bears any resemblance to any person living or dead. Any similarity is purely coincidental.


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