KQ eyes narrow body planes for short haul flights


By Feliz Achanda

Kenya Airways is interested in acquiring narrow body planes, either the Bombardier C series or Embraer’s E2 jet for short distance journeys.

The airline may order between 15 to 20 airplanes according to a Reuters report on Monday. However, the airline Chief Executive, Sebastian Mikosz said the performance of the Bombardier C Series will be examined prior to any decision.

“The performance of the C Series has to be studied,” said Sebastian Mikosz at the annual International Air Transport Association airlines meeting in Sydney, Australia.

He said that the decision to consider purchasing the C Series Planes had been triggered by the Latvian Air Baltic order of 60 similar jets. He also raised concerns about the availability of maintenance of the C Series aircraft in Africa but added that the issue could be resolved in time as African airlines had begun showing interested in the jet.

Currently, Egypt has placed an order of the C Series jet and also Ethiopian Airways are studying the plane model. Sebastian Mikosz emphasized his urge to acquire the aircraft despite the challenges.

“I don’t care if they are able to fly to London. My question is do I have maintenance in Bangui, Juba, Abidjan? But more carriers are looking at it; it means the maintenance base will be growing.


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