KeNHA begins constructing dual carriageway along Salgaa stretch


The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has embarked on road marking, installation of signs and construction of a dual carriageway along the Salgaa stretch on Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

These improvements, the authority said, will help curb road accidents that have claimed dozens of lives at Salgaa and Sachang’wan black spots.

In a statement, KeNHA director general Peter Mundinia said other planned long-term measures include construction of a lorry brakes checking point at the beginning of the 10-kilometre descend and marking the road stretch with yellow and white paint together with reflective studs.

“KeNHA is continuously monitoring and improving the 22-kilometre section from Sobea to Kibuja along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway to ensure there is a clear road marking as well as proper signage,” he said.

Already, KeNHA has installed four warning signs (gantry signage) at Kibuja and Sobea with safety information as well as clearing road reserve to improve visibility. Similar road improvements will be carried out on other roads in the country.

“Similar measures are set to be rolled out in various sections identified as black spots along the roads under the authority’s mandate,” Mundinia said. His remarks comes after the authority was criticised by a section of the media with laxity of its officers blamed for spiralling accidents, especially at Salgaa.

The reports claimed KeNHA has not put up new road signs and does not maintain the existing ones, which lead to many motorists missing crucial safety information. Dozens of people were killed in separate accidents during the festive season last month, with the worst claiming 36 lives.


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