Boda boda riders to challenge Nairobi CBD ban in court


Boda boda riders have vowed to go to court to challenge an order by the county government banning them from operating in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

The move comes a day after the Director of Operations at the City Inspectorate Department, Peter Mbaya, announced that beginning Tuesday, January 23 no boda boda will be allowed in the CBD following a public outcry due to criminal activities in the city.

Mr. Mbaya had said that operators will, henceforth be dropping their passengers in areas outside the CBD such as City Stadium and Ngara.

Speaking during a meeting on Tuesday, the boda boda safety and association national chair accepted that some of them were indeed wayward but that wasn’t enough reason to hound all of them out.

“We accept that there might be a few criminals in our midst but that does not warrant the contamination of the whole association,” said the chair.

“We are going to court to stop the orders,” he added.


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