Haller park: The best place to explore nature


If you are a nature lover with an appetite for close interaction with wildlife and trek on walkways surrounded by indigenous plants, then Haller Park in Mombasa is your answer. Located 7.5 kilometers from the city, the park is a sanctuary to endangered plant species and a range of wild animals.

Non-resident adults – tourists with visa holders-are charged Ksh 1400, non-resident kids pay Ksh 600. Citizen adults and resident adults –expatriates and foreigners with work permits to work in Kenya part with Ksh 500. Citizen kids and residents are charged Ksh 200. Even without hiring a tour guide, movement within the park is made easy and convenient by a concrete trail track that leads to areas of interest.

The path is well labeled with information on directions to take to various sections. Your tour will begin at the reptile park. The park has turtles, tortoises, geckos and a vast collection of snakes. The pen holding snakes has sand snakes, green and black mambas, cobras, puff adders and pythons.

Visitors get thrilled and frightened at the same time to see the serpents at close quarters. When the clock chips 11 am, all attention shifts to the feeding of the tallest creatures in the world, the giraffes. To participate in feeding, one buys the animal feed at Ksh 50 and proceeds to their pen and watches as the animals lower their necks to get the meal.

Feeding these animals is the most exciting part of the tour. Those who miss this morning meal time need not worry as the animals are fed again at 3.00 PM The park has a lulling four kilometer walk in the forest.

The pathway has benches on the side for those who would choose to unwind before completing the journey. Soothing sounds of birds singing and insects calling entertain you. By the time the walk is over, it will be time for feeding the animals.

Giraffes which probably had been watching the tourists all over the place will be feed for the second time. Animals in the game sanctuary, buffalos, bush babies, zebras, waterbucks, among others are usually fed at 4.00 PM Crocodiles are fed at 4:30 PM.

A chunk of meat is hang on a pole over them and they surge upwards to get it. It is amusing to witness as the ones that miss fall back on each other with a thud. Final feeding is usually that of the hippos at 4.45 PM.

Visitors are usually shocked to see the animal devour a whole watermelon in a single bite. The facility has playground meant for children. However, most children prefer to chase butterflies at the Butterfly Pavillion over playing.

If there is one thing that you may take from the park, it is the opportunity to appreciate butterflies in their amazing lustrous colours. There is no restaurant or shop in the park, meaning visitors carry their own food for the whole tour.

The park however has a gift shop though where tourists and visitors can buy a souvenir as they leave. With a serene environment and great forest trails, Haller Park is ideal for team building and retreats.


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