Kapsowar Mission Hospital overstretched due to ongoing nurses’ strike


Kapsowar Mission Hospital in Kapsowar town has experienced an influx of patients following the ongoing nationwide nurses’ strike in public hospitals.

A spot check by Health Business revealed that the hospital has become overstretched as it was the main private referral hospital in the area, serving all patients including those normally served at the public hospitals.

“Since the nurses went on strike, we have experienced increased volumes of patients as this is a referral hospital,” said the hospital medical director Dr. Gerhard Schumarker.

Schumarker noted that the hospital beds were full forcing some patients to be allowed to sleep on the floor as pressure mounts at the facility.

“The strain has also led to shortage of hospital supplies and staff, as the situation was not planned for. In fact we are calling back staff on leave so that we can manage the influx of patients,” he added.

The medic appealed to the county government to support them with medical supplies to cover the needs of increasing patients.  “Right now we have no support from the county government and my appeal is for government to at least support us with medical supplies,” he said.

He promised that no one will be turned away before they are attended to. He also advised members of the public to enroll with NHIF in order to access medical help and meet medical expenses with ease, adding that the hospital has huge outstanding amounts of money in unpaid medical bills.

“Outstanding medical bills bring the hospital to its knees since it cannot get enough medical supplies as well as adequate staff to attend to patients,” he complained.

Elgeyo Marakwet County health executive Thomas Ruto said the county government has deployed volunteer nurses sourced from Iten KMTC to restore services in the county’s public hospitals and health centres


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