Road fatalities decline by about 7 percent


There has been a 6.7 per cent decline in road fatalities as at May this year compared to the
same period last year.

Statistics from the National Transport and Safety Authority indicate that 1097 people died in road between January and May this year compared to 1176 fatalities during the same
period last year.
Pedestrians still account for the highest number of road fatalities in the country accounting for 11, 416 deaths this year. The number however represents a decline of 45 fatalities compared to 461 recorded over the same period last year.

Passengers accounted for the second highest fatalities at 264 compared to 248 last year.
Motorcyclists were third highest victims at 190 deaths compared to 220 last year while 15 pedal cyclists died this year compared to 32 last year.

Drivers recorded the fourth highest fatalities at 116 although the number represents 32 fewer deaths compared to 148 last year. Pillion passengers accounted for the lowest number of fatalities at 98 although the number is an increase from last year’s, 85.
NTSA attributes the overall decline of road carnage to a raft of measures it has been implementing in recent years.


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